Health Care


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With a growing and aging population, the health economies around the world are under tremendous pressure to transform for improved care outcomes and patient experiences for significantly less cost. Consultadd’s innovative approaches and solutions enable this transformation: efficiency and effectiveness; health information exchanges; and patient centricity. With deep industry experience, insight and technical support, Our firms are among the leaders in delivering a broad range of audit, tax and advisory services to meet the unique needs of healthcare policy-makers, providers and payers.

Care System Redesign

Working across regional health ecosystems to redesign patient pathways and shift the provision of care to more appropriate settings.Our mission in healthcare is to address challenges around affordability, prevention and patient-centricity for consumers around the world. In support of this mission, we help healthcare organizations to transform, innovate and optimize to build tomorrow’s healthcare enterprise. We recognize healthcare needs are global while solutions are local – we bring best-practices and industry solutions to suit specific healthcare models in different regions / countries.


Prevention is clearly the way forward for the future of healthcare. The preventive model focuses on the overall well-being of patients, unlike the traditional ‘cure’ model which focused only on paying physicians for treating specific illnesses. Patient-centric care considers patient’s values, involves them in clinical decisions, and ensures transparency and self-care. The shift from the ‘cure’ model to the ‘prevention’ model will revolutionize the healthcare sector. we leverage our cutting-edge solutions and rich experience across the healthcare value chain in our engagements.

Building Tomorrow’s Healthcare Enterprise

Improving the quality of care, and reducing the cost of care – these are imperatives in today’s “survival of the fittest” healthcare industry. Transforming for tomorrow’s needs, however, begins with thinking ‘beyond compliance’ in the midst of unprecedented regulation and reform.For payors and providers, the state of the industry presents a chance to harness new technologies: inject business intelligence, seamless communication and collaboration into the enterprise today – and drive outcomes in affordability, patient-centricity and preventive care for tomorrow.

Business transformation

At ConsultAdd, we drive transformation to increase the top-line revenue of our clients, who have engaged us for strategic programs like building a platform to cover the entire spectrum of disease and wellness management, and modernization programs like revitalizing legacy systems.We have created dedicated centers of excellence to drive healthcare transformation initiatives – for payors, we accelerate cross-industry integration and collaboration; and for providers, we focus on IT-driven clinical transformations and electronic medical records

Accelerating innovation

ConsultAdd Labs – our powerful research arm – is committed to solving complex business problems and co-creating new solutions with clients, thus fast-tracking their impact and improving time to market. Healthcare enterprises have already begun their ICD-10 journey with ConsultAdd, leveraging our iTransform suite to automate a significant part of their transition. With ConsultAdd iHA (iHealthAnalytics), healthcare payors and plan sponsors can provide users with next-generation business intelligence to grow business and engage consumers.