Insurance companies face several challenges like industry consolidation, regulatory pressures, shrinking margins, and along with that, demands from shareholders and stakeholders are quite high to stay competitive. In order to stay competitive, they need to transform their processes and operations, improve profitability, reduce cost and meet the ever growing need for improved customer service.

Insurance business landscape

Insurance enterprises are faced with a new business landscape: diversified channels, varied distribution and changing demographics. The technology landscape, however, is not so new: maintaining legacy applications is getting costlier, budgets are limited, and IT isn’t delivering the returns it should.

Changing demographics

ConsultADD brings together deep understanding of the insurance industry and wide experience of the insurance market. We dedicated Insurance Practice with a powerful combination of domain experts consultants offers business-driven technology solutions to the insurance industry.

Solutions and support

We provide end-to-end solutions and support all processes in the policy life cycle from product definition to claims settlement for Property & Casualty (P&C), Life & Annuities. We provides innovative solutions to insurance industry leaders insurance companies by leveraging our Applications and Infrastructure services.

Regulatory compliance

Our professionals have helped a number of insurers globally, transform their enterprise and meet the cost and efficiency challenges. Our in-depth experience and competence in domain, technology, tools, and tried and tested methodologies help our customers cope with today’s complex business challenges in the Insurance world.

Insurance Service

Our multiple insurance service offerings in Life & Annuities, P&C, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, BPM, etc. The rise of social media and mobility has raised expectations in customer service and engagement, while cloud computing presents enterprises with the ability to create more efficient ecosystems.

Application Service

ConsultADD has the experience of managing applications for many customers across various lines. We provide insurance companies with technology solutions that are unique and complex business requirements. Our Applications services in insurance covers application development, maintenance and support.

Better customer support

Using technology to understand digital consumers. Co-creating innovative products and solutions that align to market needs and expectations. Targeting diverse markets to broaden reach and secure conversion. Ensuring effective agent delivery distribution and policy management. Enabling next generation service models. 

We are here for you

The Great Recession has caused plenty of pain in the European insurance industry. Rock-bottom interest rates have reduced returns on insurers’ holdings, while economic disruption to increase volume of claims payouts. We focus on solution which are combining power of Next-generation.

Business transformation

At ConsultADD, we drive transformation to increase the top-line revenue of our clients. A transformative engagement with ConsultADD means going beyond solution implementation — we can help visualize and articulate business drivers with our capability.

Insurance Segments

Insurance industry is facing significant economic and competitive pressures, with consolidations and downgrades escalating and continuing competition from other financial services segments.

Auto Insurance

By collecting a large amount of data from customer claims and analyzing industry safety reports, auto insurance providers often develop vehicle safety ratings and offer discounts to customers who drive safer vehicles.

Life Insurance

Insurers consider a dizzying number of factors in determining premiums, so it’s often challenging for consumers to understand why they’re paying higher rates than their neighbors or co-workers. 

Health Insurance

Target will stop offering health insurance benefits to part-time employees this spring, the latest company to do so and cite the new health care reform law as the reason.