“A makeover for Data warehouse at Consultadd, with Analytics and its Tools ”

At consultadd Data Warehouse services work well and one needs not be worried in managing the hardware and software as we take necessary steps and make it available with APIs


Data Warehouse at a Glance

The bulk of your organization’s raw data likely lives in multiple operational systems, logs, and unstructured data sources. A data warehouse (DW) is a centralized location that brings all that data together and optimizes it for reporting and analysis. Data warehousing is a very mature, well-defined, and structured application of (Business Intelligence) BI.

Why Data Warehouse is very important now-a-days

Data ware House is a business analyst’s dream—all the information about the organization’s activities gathered in one place, open to a single set of analytical tools. A data warehouses provides us generalized and consolidated data in multidimensional view. Along with generalized and consolidated view of data, a data warehouses also provides us Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools. These tools help us in interactive and effective analysis of data in a multidimensional space. This analysis results in data generalization and data mining.

For a company to be successful in the future, they must make good decisions. And to make good decisions requires all relevant data to be taking into consideration. And the best source for that data is a well-designed data warehouse.

The benefits of Data Warehouses at Consultadd:

  • Easier and more efficient query writing
  • Reduced resource contention for operational systems
  • Ability to easily query across data from multiple source systems
  • Ability to easily query point-in-time snapshots of historical data
  • Rigid data quality processes that ensure consistent, trustworthy

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