Energy & Utilities


Rising global concerns over climate changes and a pressing need for energy conservation are increasingly driving organizations to adopt smart energy management strategies. Organizations are trying to build tomorrow’s energy-efficient enterprises, as well as profitability, in the following ways:

Asset optimization: Provides visibility into geographically-dispersed assets and increases the longevity of current investments

Energy conservation: Savings from utility bills directly add to improve cash flow

Faster ROI realization: Ensures improved returns by reducing deployment cost

Client Challenges

The global economy is transitioning through extraordinary times. Demand shrinkage due to global recession and tighter credit controls have hit the top-line and bottom-line of most of the energy, resources and utilities organizations across the globe. This is forcing them to resort to tighter cost controls and better asset utilization levels. Stringent norms and compliances are compelling them to go for greener initiatives and smarter processes. Organizations increasingly want to reduce operational costs, invest in process improvement, optimally utilize existing capacity and increase efficiencies.

Business Value

With ConsultAdd, you can achieve the following benefits:Reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiencies.Maximize the return and benefits from your existing IT landscape.Accelerate revenue growth and enhance portfolio management.Achieve greater customer satisfaction and retention.Attain slashed time and cost to market through a well-defined new services introduction process.Aligh business processes with strategic vision.

Value proposition

ConsultAdd, a trusted engineering partner, combines domain knowledge and technical expertise garnered from a wide variety of business situations to help clients stay ahead of competition in multiple ways

Energy & Utilities offerings

ConsultAdd provides a wide array of services – from software development and core engineering to consulting.


From generation asset management along the path to a smarter grid, to addressing the needs of the new energy consumer, ConsultAdd provides end-to-end services across the entire value chain, helping clients achieve high performance through deep industry knowledge, innovation and leading technology.