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ConsultADD help pharmaceutical manufacturers enhance drug safety by implementing tools and processes for proactive surveillance, uniformity and consistency. Our industry-leading pharmacovigilance solutions ensure safety as well as efficiency and effectiveness. Life sciences companies must get the best possible return from their clinical trial development efforts. We are your strategic partner when it comes to improving clinical outcomes and achieving greater levels of cost efficiency and agility.

Enhance Efficiencies and Business agility with help from ConsultADD

agility across the life sciences ecosystem. We partner with you to apply time-tested strategies and next generation solutions that optimize how you work across the life sciences value chain.

ConsultADD provides solutions that enable long-term success. Our consultants address evolving issues related to drug safety and process consistency, such as new compliance requirements and can integrate safety data from disparate sources. We also help you explore the latest IT platforms leveraging the cloud, analytics and mobile computing. Our Business Consulting Services provides

  • Business Case Analysis
  • New Compliance Requirements for Risk Management
  • Best Practices for cutting drug discovery costs
  • Maintaining uniformity and consistency across global processes
  • Pharmacovigilance strategy and roadmap consulting

Maximizing Solar Cells

About 50,000 times smaller than a human hair, these “nano” layers of can carbon produce energy by absorbing sunlight and could be used in a variety of applications, including window solar cells which absorb infrared and harmful ultraviolet radiation and turn it into electricity.

Thermal Limits of Nanoscale

Superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) are incredibly sensitive magnetic flux sensors which have been limited in their applications because of thermal challenges at ultralow temperatures.


At ConsultADD, we focus our offerings, teams and methodology development on areas where we believe we can best support the challenges facing the Life Sciences industry. We work with players across the industry, including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices,Diagnostics, Providers and Payers.

Our consultants have a deep understanding of both the political, economic, social and scientific issues driving the global Life Sciences industry and the unique industry aspects in each key geography. Our team has focused consulting experience with Big Pharmacy, Biotech, Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Wholesalers/Distributors, Health Care Providers and major payers. ConsultADD couple this experience with a close, interactive working style with our clients throughout all phases of work, from proposal development to final output delivery. We utilize our tools, intellectual capital and proven approaches to provide an efficient approach to each project.

ConsultADD makes use of modern life science research methods to gain a deeper understanding of how nature helps in healing. We assists with regulated and critical business processes, such as submissions management, labeling, digital asset management, pharmacovigilance case processing, clinical data management and analytics.