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Financial Analysts- The Secret Ingredient For Developing Financial

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A diligent analysis is the backbone of every successful firm. Finance being a major concern for every CEO/CFO needs an expert financial professional to back him up. That’s how Financial Analyst is ranked one of the most privileged Analysis domain to rile up your professional future. This case study is prepared to dive deeper to the peer modules and skill set of a successful Financial Analyst. CCAR(Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review), AML(Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC(Know Your Customer).

CCAR- How will it surge your financial Expertise?

The Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) process is a US Federal Reserve supervisory methodology made for large active banking holding companies (>=$50 billion in total consolidated assets) domiciled in the US. The CCAR exercise, is aimed to establish whether the largest banks have enough capital to cope with a severe economic shock and scrutinize their risk modeling practices. CCAR forces banks to come up with a required capital ratio. If they do not meet the ratio they can raise more capital. If they don’t meet it they will be limited on the amount of capital that they can release until they fix the issue. Access to capital is relatively easy so the fix for a CCAR failure is easy.Being a Financial Analyst, you can Use forecasting models(viz Pre Provision Net Revenue- PPNR) and work in collaboration with Consultants and other departments (Credit Risk, Treasury, Finance) in order to:

  • Provide insightful analysis of risk and resource estimates developed.
  • generate forecast for CCAR submissions and other organizational initiatives.

For smaller banks-$10-50 billion companies , DFAST(Dodd Frank Acts Stress test) is something to vouch for. CCAR and DFAST have different requirement demonstrated below:

Working hand in hand with tools and frameworks such as Basel I II III; FR Y14Q and 14A; Axiom makes you an eye candy for any recruiter.
Axiom is a reporting tool used for integrating disparate systems together, aggregating and managing the sprawling “data dump” nature of the CCAR process for both data integrity and rules engine flexibility. Thus it ultimately produce the analytic and reports to generate new ripples of requirements that gradually become applicable to firms on an yearly basis.

CCAR has been ConsultAdd’s strong suite. ConsultAdd has successfully completed numerous projects with Banking giants viz. Wells Fargo, CapitalOne, StateStreet to name a few.

AML and KYC- Icing on your Analysis Cake

Anti-money laundering (AML) reflects to a set of procedures, laws or regulations which are drafted to stop the practice of generating income through illegal actions. AML is used in the context of the overarching governance framework that a regulated entity constructs to meet its regulatory requirements.Most of the firms have a lengthy list of Anti-Money Laundering compliance requirements. They face a skyscraper of risks from a large number of financial transactions, each of which can carry significant risks. AML compliance programs are built on a systematic review of a large number of financial transactions.

As a Financial Analyst

The Know Your Client is a standard in the investment industry that enlightens investment advisers with detailed information about their clients investment knowledge and financial position and risk tolerance.

There are two parts to the KYC process — collection of documents and carrying out background checks. Generally, lapses happen in carrying out background checks. The issue generally faced by banks is to conduct proper background checks of individual who is unemployed or new to a city.

As a analyst, preferred remedy to this adversity is to ensure that the customer’s account is KYCcompliant

At Consultadd

consultants will get a chance to gain expertise in these financial landscapes. You will also be able to assimilate pivotal aspects of being a successful Financial Analyst. Consultadd Inc. will leave no stone unturned with our work and vigor to mold your analysis clay into a standout model/figure.

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