Travel & Hospitality

In Travel and hospitality industry ConsultADD clients faces a broad range of challenges from sharply rising energy costs, increased regulatory pressures and growing consumer demand, to weathering the macroeconomic shifts of todayu2019s global economy. We change in the marketplace has a potential to impact the industry in a significant way. In this industry, priorities are driven and shaped by its customer. Growth is dependant on developing capabilities with right customer value proposition.

Connected Hospitality Enterprise

There is no industry that cannot leverage Information Technology to improve operational efficiencies, productivity and margins. The Hospitality Industry is no exception. ConsultADD services providers can help hotels to transform into Connected Hospitality Enterprises that deliver personalized guest experiences. ConsultADD provides a transformation of solution services, by focusing on four key business imperatives'

Future of Travel & Tourism Industry

After having outsourced its IT operations a decade ago, this client became interested in better managing its F&A costs through managed services. With its department a major cost center, the company saw this as a good starting point. After we helped them transition this function successfully, the company opted to source several other processes, including payroll management and restaurant accounting. This resulted in an expected total annual cost savings of 38% and millions of dollars.

Make Self-service Your USP

Business rule-based pricing engine enables differential pricing based on the sales channel or your retail partner. The intelligent quote engine will help the sales consultant retrieve the best products based on customeru2019s travel plan and will also automatically retrieve upgrade and add-on options available to promote up-sell and cross sell. ConsultADD expert, in association with an industry peer, addresses the challenges of kiosk check-in and sets a road map for implementation.

Personalized reservations to improve brand loyalty

Hospitality companies are aiming at improving guest experience by providing personalization features for online reservations. This paper discusses the measures by which technology can be leveraged to improve brand loyalty, productivity, and increase the look-to-book ratio.

ConsultAdd’s Virtual Concierge Solution

s attracting & retaining guests becomes increasingly difficult, hotels are trying to provide personalized services to differentiate themselves and maintain profitability. A solution to, how hotel chains can leverage their converged networks cost effectively to increase both guest satisfaction and loyalty through ConsultADD's Virtual Concierge solution.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), a significant emerging technology, ensures cost savings and enhances productivity and responsiveness in the hospitality and gaming sectors. Accelerated deployment of VOIP can enable hotels and casinos to differentiate with innovative applications and services.
  • Deliver system improvements

    ConsultADD has ability to deliver key systems improvements and functionality to leading rental agencies around the world. Our end-to-end customized solutions provide value and efficiency to our customers

  • Hospitality Solutions and services

    ConsultADD offers solutions to Hospitality Industry focused on helping our customers realize new revenue streams and improve efficiencies. We offer solutions for the Hospitality Industry at efficient level.

  • What we happily offer

    ConsultADD can support you in building strong loyalty programs with targeted offers and rewards, by leveraging advanced analytics . We integrates every aspect of your enterprise solutions.

Our leverage

We leverage this significant expertise in best practices and processes, domain and technical knowledge for your organization. ConsultADDu2019s solutions for Tour Agents include:
  • Integrated systems like ( holidays, hotel bookings, travel insurance, etc.)
  • Pricing and yield management systems.
  • Travel insurance systems.
  • Travel document management systems.
  • Travel agent incentive systems.
  • Business performance dashboard systems.

Customer Travel Protection

Travel Protection is an easy way for agents to sell trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical insurance as well as cancel for any reason to their clients, all with instant access to insurance providers worldwide. In order to stay competitive, they need to transform their processes, improve profitability, reduce cost and meet the ever growing need for improved customer service. We continually evolved our offerings to help customers adapt strategies to the changing face of the industry.