I have always believed that the bridge between your dreams and reality is work. If you are passionate about your goals, you’ve to achieve them by working hard. 

My childhood has been filled with happy memories and I am blessed with a compassionate family who pampers me a lot. I am close to my parents. They are my support system and I share a special bond with them. Talking about myself, I am a person who loves traveling. I am always up for laid back luxurious vacations where I can chill with my friends and family. Apart from that, I enjoy making art pieces with embroidery and crocheting. 

I was born in a city named Katni in Madhya Pradesh. I was raised in a family of lawyers and always wanted to become a Lawyer. In my education, I pursued B.B.A LL. B (Hons.) from Gurgaon and I  started out my career in different domains like law firms, LOS, Corporate, and litigation. Going forward with what I wanted for myself, I applied to get into Cadbury’s legal department which was my favorite company. But unfortunately, it did not work out and I started working in an LPO. Later on, I got an opportunity to work at Consultadd as Associate Legal Manager. Everything finally worked out and things were going well. 

The next phase of my life begins when I decided to get married and had to leave Consultadd since work from home was not an option back then. After few years, I reached out to Consultadd and luckily managed to score the position of Assistant Legal Manager. And now I possess over 6 years of work experience in this field and have started pursuing my Master of Law as well. In the end, things worked out the way I wanted them to. I am glad that my journey was amazing. I took my own decisions and stood by them. 

Aashna had a beautiful childhood and so is her current journey. She believes in passion and hard work. Her positivity and resilience are something we look up to. Being an Assistant Legal Manager at  Consultadd, she is good at her job and loves her work. 

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Published On: October 15th, 2021 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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