“Chase your dream until it gets real” has been the motto of my life and saying so, I come from the “City of dreams” itself i.e Mumbai, India. I have an outgoing personality, the kind of person who loves to meet new people and explore everything that life has to offer. Along with being an extrovert, I am also a sports enthusiast and most probably you will find me playing Squash, Badminton or Cricket on weekends.

Since childhood I have had a dream to shift to the United States. As I grew up, I found myself quite a lot inclined towards technology and when the time came to choose, I knew I had to be a software developer as this is something which felt less like work and more like a hobby. 

After completing my engineering in computer science, I shifted to the United States for masters. But the question that often stressed me was- how to get a developers’ job in the USA? Luckily, the hard work I put into learning Python and Java paid off! 

When I decided to come to the United States, my father was not in favor of my decision. Initially, my parents were concerned about how I would live on my own. But since this was my dream, I convinced my parents and stood my ground. I am a person who enjoys taking risks in life to grow. I have the courage to do the right thing in terms of what needs to be done to achieve my goals. 

There was a time when I stumbled in my journey while managing grades in life all together. I realized the importance of time management and consistency. It was the need of an hour to get good grades and secure a good college for my future. I bounced back and eventually took charge of my life. Throughout my journey, my friends were my support and stood by me to motivate me. I am happy with the way my life turned out.  

Aditya is fun and outgoing. He has the courage to take a stand for himself and fight for his goals. Working as a Python Developer at Pilot Flying J boosts his confidence and makes him a better version of himself everyday. Aditya is destined to achieve heights in his career with his positive attitude in life. 

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Published On: November 19th, 2021 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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