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When I decided to do Masters in the United States, my parents found it very difficult, as I am the only child. But now when I am growing in my career, they are happy and proud.

USA has taught me to be independent. Born in a small village Bothali, Maharashtra, I completed my schooling in a nearby town as my village didn't have proper schools. As a kid, I always found it tough and tiresome to travel for school. Coming from that to living in the USA, it has been a humbling experience.

I have always been a huge fan of Cricket. I loved to play every evening and never missed watching matches. My grandfather was my constant partner in doing so.

Along with many other hobbies and interests, traveling is one that I love the most. “Main Udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoo. . . bas rukhna nahi chahta”; a beautifully curated dialog of YJHD (Bollywood movie) has been motivating me to travel. I have traveled to various places with family and friends in India. In the USA, I explored many places, San Diego, and New York is my favorite cities.

During this time of pandemic, I wish everyone to be strong, Safe Home and Stay Safe.

While we knew Aditya's career journey until today when He is a proud team member of Fannie Mae's Python-Dev team, we are also humbled to learn about his childhood. It's evident how much Aditya cherishes his beautiful childhood and how fond is he of his family. We hope this travel enthusiast gets to have many beautiful journeys and travels, to his heart's content!

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