Akshay Singh Jadoun – Sinai Medical Center

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This is the time in your life where you can be adventurous. Throw caution to the wind. Get out of your comfort zone and live. Travel makes you brave. Be brave. Travelling satisfies all demands of a good hobby – it is absorbing education and refreshment to the mind, body, and soul.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that I am a huge Travel aficionado. I have traveled to London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Cardiff, New York, Chicago etc and Abu Dhabi, Sydney and Las Vegas are in my immediate bucket list to travel.

At the moment I am working with HRIS team of Cedars and living in Los Angeles like
a Hollywood Rockstar ☺ -JK.

I am a proud Alumni of Illinois State University. Go Redbird!!

Akshay has not only been an ISU Alumnus, but has also been Consultadd India Alumnus. He has been an expert on Lawson HCM modules such as: HR, Benefits, HRIS and Compensation. While his name means indestructible, this good-hearted traveller knows how to make for a good company, and an excellent co-worker.

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