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'Food is the spice of life' and I am lucky to have experienced the most tasteful ones. From Bengali rasgulla to Indori poha, I love and crave for all of it.

Born in Kolkata, my early childhood celebrated 'Durga Pooja' and planted seeds of positivity in me. 10 days of Dusshera is something that still takes me on a virtual ride to Bengal and it's colorful chaotic lanes.

Today, I reside in the dream city of New York and I am grateful to God for all that I have achieved. Working with open society foundations, one of the largest philanthropic organization in the world, I am blessed to work with the most diversified population. With presence in more than 120 countries around the world, open society foundations has the best work culture. Voice of every employee is heard and I am proud to work as IT analyst.

Traveling is one of my leisure joy and 'Lower Antelope in Arizona' gives me immense peace. Along with experiencing nature, I also like to enter and feel the world of words. Thriller genre attracts me the most and currently A. J. Finn authored 'The woman in the window' is my regular read.

I have a big bucket list and I am very positive that I will surely check every box. Being optimistic is something I follow and also preach to others. I have and will always strive to be a better person and help the needy ones whenever possible.

Alka is a fun loving introvert girl. Residing and enjoying the lifestyle of New York city, she also misses the Indian festivals and lip smacking cuisines. She is very optimistic and enjoys travelling. She is a proud employee of open society foundations and is a responsible human being who believes in charity.

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