Currently working as a Software Developer in the USA, My journey starts from a small town called Mukhed in Nanded district, where I was born after a lot of complications so they call me “Navsacha mulga“. (Born after a lot of Prayers and vows). Currently I stay in Houston, Texas. There are a lot of things to love about Houston and one of the first things is how widespread the city is. After living in NY for 5 years I would definitely appreciate the parking space. The freedom of driving everywhere and not worrying about the parking and fees is something a NEW-YORKER would dream off.


Education is something I have gathered from every part of Maharashtra. As my Dad was an IAS officer I moved to different cities and changed 16 schools by the time I aced my 10th. Drawback of that is I don’t have childhood friends. But I do have a lot of accents while I talk, ranging from Vidarbha to Marathwada. 


As a child we all dream about things which transcend the boundaries of imagination. As for me, I always dreamed about Designing a Car, and when I grew up my dreams changed then I thought of designing a Phone then a TV, a laptop and things continue. Throughout these years my vision has been constant, be it anything I would like to design something. 


My journey has been filled with a lot of struggle, pain, hardship, betrayal, rejections, and countless nights with an empty stomach and no money. I had to wait for a long time to get my career started. Nevertheless I do credit those days which played a critical part in my life to get me where I am today. Not to get too emotional about it but it has been a learning curve every step of my life as a result I am always trying to do better. 


Amol Devanikar is a really diligent individual. He constantly maintains a cheerful outlook and is confident in his ability to complete any assignment, no matter how minor. He is a firm believer in giving each day his all and not letting anything stand in the way of achieving his objectives. He works hard every day to establish himself as a Software Developer at Expedia Group Seattle, and we can definitely learn a lot from him.


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