“If you believe in yourself nothing is impossible. Put in your 100% effort on whatever you do and rest assured about the best results”

Hailing from the country of the Himalayas, I am a huge nature lover. Kathmandu, Nepal, a beautiful place surrounded by the mist of the Himalayas, is my hometown. I had been a hostelier throughout my schooling days. I was an enthusiastic kid who participated in all kinds of cultural and sporting events. Friendship is the loveliest relation of all and I cherish the special bond I have with my near and dear ones.

Boarding life has taught me many lessons and imbibed disciple in me. But during this journey of learning and gaining, I have always missed my parents and my siblings. Even after schooling, I have been apart from them for most of my life. Being the youngest daughter among five siblings, I have worked really hard to come this far.

I come from a middle-class family and going abroad was a complete alien phenomenon for my family. It took a lot of effort to convince them. The acceptance letter with scholarship came for my rescue and I was then allowed. The pride in my parent’s eyes, on completion of Bachelors and Masters, still gives me goosebumps. That proud moment assures me that my decision of being apart from my beloved family for a career was worth it.

While in post-graduation, I noticed that the wave of technologies affecting every prospect of life. Hence, to flow with the wave, I decided to learn and build my career in the technical field. Since then it has been a constant process of learning.

Coming from a non-IT background, I knew that making a place in Technolgy world was not going to be easy. But then, I am a kind of stubborn student.

Life has always tested me. Being away from family in my childhood to leaving my 8 months daughter for my first out of state project, the time has tossed me in possible ways. My passion is my driving energy, and I am blessed to constantly receive a gentle push from my best friend since Nepal. Well, now he is also my husband and father of our two beautiful kids. He has always been a pillar, from pushing me to complete my graduate programs and supporting me in my decision. He is the motivation pill that keeps me going.

I like to call myself an outgoing person. My life has been full of adventures. Rafting, Paragliding, Skiing, Skydiving, Bungee jumping, Trekking, you name it and I have some thrill gained in every adventurous ride.
I enjoy traveling and have I already lived in Kathmandu, St. Charles, Boston, San Fransisco, Charlotte, and Dallas. Paris and New Zealand are among the few things on my bucket list.

So far life has been a thrill ride with lots of ups and downs and I am happy to say, “I do not have any complaints so far”.

Anjali is a lively lady who takes up every challenge with a smile and wins over every situation. Given her constant learning principle, Anjali dominates every field she enters and data analysis is not an exception. Providence is doing great in the healthcare world and as a Lawson HRIS analyst at Providence St. joseph, Anjali contributes very well. Awaiting her pics from New Zealand and Paris, we wish Anjali keeps achieving more and more.

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Published On: February 5th, 2021 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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