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Whenever I look at something my mind starts analyzing it naturally. Yeah, you guessed it right, I am a Senior Data Analyst at AXIS Capital (Client) which is an Insurance company. In AXIS, I am working under the Data Strategy and Governance team where my work is making a change in the organization’s growth. I have sharpened my analytical, leadership, and decision-making skills as I move in professional life. 

“All or Nothing” is the personal belief I believe in and pursue. I come from Kadod, which is a small town in Gujarat, India, and now a resident of Alpharetta (USA). I am an adventurist and explorer. I have done Sky Diving, parachuting, Paragliding, Rafting, Rock Climbing, kayak, more than thousands miles of trekking, and many more. Providence is my favorite place in the USA and I cherished water fire most in it. In India, I never had solid real-life experience because of my family’s resources, but here in the USA it all changed. From Kadod to Providence, I have enjoyed my life to the fullest, and from Providence to Alpharetta (3 years), I have learned all the hard lessons of life. Sometimes I believe that life will push you if you do not push yourself for better. My life is like a roller-coaster, always lives on the edge. To grow you have to take a risk and hence taking risks is my lifestyle now. Many times I have been in a situation that I could not even dream about, but rode back with the new direction. Now I guess I can stand at any spot due to my risk analyzing skill and support of life partner (Mansi). I always say 'never make a permanent decision for temporary people in life'

Whenever I look back in life, I feel that it’s all worth it.

Ankit is an extremely self-content person who believes that improvement is an ongoing process. He likes to experiment and analyze, be it professional or personal life. From Gujarat to the USA, his journey is worth noticing.

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