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My life story began in a small village near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Although my childhood was pretty ordinary like every Indian child, I always dreamed about the bigger picture. I was an ambitious kid.
I mostly lived away from my family for education purposes, and hence witnessed, experienced, and learned from my own set of ups and downs. I graduated as engineering from North Maharashtra University and then came to the USA for my Master's.
It's always challenging to overcome your fears on an unknown land, but the experience was worth and boosted me to step ahead in my life. I learned that if you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done, and that's what I follow.
I came across the Consult Add and found the team helpful. With the right guidance and mentor, I got a boost in my confidence. Presently, I am working as a Software Developer in the financial domain with technology like Kafka, AWS, micro-services, Oracle, SqlServer, DynamoDB, Redshift, Aurora, Big-data, etc. I have working experience with Java, Python, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript when it comes to programming knowledge. Not to showoff but it defines my passion for technology. Okay, a bit of showoff. 😉
Holding the position of Senior Java developer in Ally invest, Ankit is someone who has dreamt big and then transformed his dreams to reality. From a village in Gujrat to North Carolina, he has paved his own path and is humble enough to credit his success to all the contributors he came across.

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