Arpit Sharma

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I am your simple family guy. Ever since my childhood I had immense passion for maths and no doubt I got into programming, and have had incredible career for over a decade now. That passion now comes second only to my love towards my wife and daughter, or may be cricket (kidding). But I do love cricket too.

And it goes without saying, that out of all of my numerous clients (and some fortune 500), I love working with Southwest Airlines the most. Apart from my work satisfaction, what makes me happy is overall “love” culture in Southwest. We have Tuesdays Deck parties that I try not to miss and my daughter loves Halloween celebrations in here. They take work hard party harder to the whole next level, and certainly I don’t complain.

Apart from acing the programming world, Arpit is epitome of what a good family and friend should be like. If you meet him, we are sure you won't be immuned of his warmth and positivity.

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