‘Nothing is impossible. Being consistent is more important than being perfect.’ – This very thought not only motivates me but dictates my lifestyle and decisions. 

I come from a remote place in the state of Gujarat. Although Gujarat has a daunting position on the Indian map, my village is a land of farmers with barely 1200 people. Studying from a Gujarati medium school, I never imagined that I would land up 13000kms away in the United States after 15 years. 

My father who believed in me and the power of education had to go through a lot of hardships to make me what I am. I studied Mechanical engineering, bagged a job soon after college but did not find the satisfaction hence switched to farming. Even today, I cherish and miss those 3 wonderful years of farming. 

Analyzing and presenting complex reports is a success, but patiently waiting for that little seed to grow into a fruit-bearing tree, is totally another game and gives me immense content. In 2015, I visited The States for my master’s. The different communities, food, and education system shot my nervousness very high, but I found that balance and life is sorted now. 

I have seen the times when my father struggled to pay my tuition fees. I have experienced the efforts that go into farming. There were days when I self-doubted my career path. Today, settled in the US, I wonder how life takes turns and leaps and I totally credit my father for all the success.

It’s been almost a year working at Milan pharmaceuticals. I am a Workday Analyst working on the techno-functional side like EIB integration, advanced reports and more. My colleagues over here have really helped me to create my position and second home over here. Even today, thinking of my future bothers me sometimes but all the worries seems to disappear when I am hiking, playing cricket or Golf. I love to visit places and explore them. Kentucky, Nevada and California amazed me the most. 

Those who aspire to come to the states to study and work, let me tell you this out and loud – Nothing is impossible, be patient and consistent. You just need to spend time on things that you wish to learn. If farmers can, You too CAN! 

Engulfed in the world of human creation and artificial intelligence, Bhavin is a great admirer of nature’s magic and green fields around. He is an extremely optimistic soul, who believes in the most motivating phrase ‘I Can’. A farmer at heart and with nature as his greatest teacher, Bhavin has a knack for solving problems. This very quality of problem-solving helps him in his job responsibility of techno-functional analyst in Milan pharmaceuticals

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Published On: October 16th, 2020 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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