I was born in a small village named Bagasara in Amreli district of Gujarat state. My birthplace is known for its imitation gold plated jewelry, on the other side living close to glittery NYC is one of the most exciting things right now. “Pursuit of better education” is my journey till the date in one phrase. I have always taken the biggest decisions of my life around education. 

I left my hometown at an early age and finished my education from high school to undergrad in, so-called Paris city of Gujarat, Rajkot. I have spent my childhood reading about space, science and playing various sports during schooling days. I was very much interested in sports varying from  cricket to kabaddi to athletics.

My childhood dream was to become an F1 racer or cricketer which if you are reading this here you know I am not. I have always been fascinated by computers and their tools/software. I have started learning MS DOS and other tools since I was in 5 class. My most favorite memory of computers in those early school days is having my own floppy disk with some of my own magnum opus done in MS Paint.

After I finished my undergraduate, I wasn’t still satisfied with the amount of education and knowledge that I had gathered. I worked for 3 years as a python developer but still back of the mind I was tormented by not going for higher studies. After many hurdles and setbacks, a lot of heart breaking events and a few years of fighting with myself, I decided to go for higher education and sacrifice my then present life. It has been an unbelievable journey in which I went through lows of low and highs of high and I only have a heart full of gratitude towards where I am today.

I am a cricket fanatic as well very much interested in MMA. I have done skydiving in the Atlantic Ocean and it is still one of my most memorable experiences. Whenever life allows it, I would like to travel to Alaska and spend a year in Himalayan mountain range to live like a native. 

At the end I would credit my every achievement and accomplishment to my parents for making such a tough decision which was a bold move at that time. Whatever I am today is because of my parents who have sacrificed their own life at every step  of the way and they are still at it.

Chintan is a guy who approaches life with honesty and conviction. He is adept at balancing both his work and personal commitments. His position as a Software Engineer at SmileDirectClub boosts his self-assurance, and he is continually ready for new challenges that will advance his growth.

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