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I idolize Rafael Nadal the most because of his never give up attitude.

I love playing strategic games over Internet. I also love playing sports like lawn tennis and cricket. One thing that I take away from sports and Nadal is the virtue of Patience.

It is said: Patience is not simply the ability to wait but it is how we behave while we are waiting. My name Dhairya, afterall, also means “Patience”.

Life in USA taught me how to be patient towards everything. Be it in studies, staying away from family, building career or in visiting home.

I came to USA from western part of India called Gujarat. It was the first time I was going to stay away from my family. I was scared and excited at the same time. Excited about what opportunities this country will throw in front of me and scared for the obvious reason of how will I manage to make it through.

But with my grit, patience and persistence I prevailed. I discovered my true-self, after moving to this wonderful land of opportunities.

Dhairya, a food fanatic, has no patience when it comes to his “Pav Bhaji”. But we are assured he shows such patience and diligence working with his clients demands and change requests!! We truly see influence of Nadal in Dhairya’s never give up attitude!

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