“The present is the only thing that has no end.”

A famous quote by Erwin Schrödinger, the man whom I idolize for his personal and professional life philosophies. Born and brought up in Mumbai, India I believe in living life to its fullest, whether it is failure or success I cherish both equally as both play a crucial role in shaping your life. 

As I grew up, I pursued the dream to nail my name in the field of computer engineers and completed bachelors and masters in the same field. I could still recall my college days, the fun, the memories, and how badly I wanted to get a job in the USA. Well! Dreams do come true and today I am living my dream in Washington DC.

The journey from Mumbai to Washington DC has been a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs but something that this journey taught me is to believe in my capabilities. In the initial phases of my career, ConsultAdd proved to be a guiding light by providing me a job in the USA that allowed me to explore and improve my technical and personal skills.

What I learned from my journey is one needs to embrace the challenges that come your way. The only time you are actually growing is when you’re not in your comfort zone. For me, new challenges and opportunities keep me going and helps me grow. When opportunities knock on your door, grab the chance and put your all efforts into it. One thought that has motivated me throughout is you learn more in failures than in a lifetime of success. 

My journey has transformed me as a person. I’ve always thought of living for a cause and helping people. I want to contribute to feeding people around the world and support them to earn a decent income. I believe it’s important to live for a greater cause and help people in need. It’s always the little things and simplest solutions that can make a huge impact. To sum it up, it’s all about the journey and the roads you take in life.

Gaurav is a person who is high-spirited and loves to take up challenges in his life. Working as a Python Developer at Freddie Mac encourages him to become a better version of himself. His enthusiasm to make the world a better place is what makes Gaurav’s life a success story.

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Published On: September 17th, 2021 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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