Gauri Hathode

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"Traveling and exploring places is my dream. I love being independent and taking charge of things, which always makes me realize how strong    I can be. I am a kind of a person who is always ready with a plan for any challenge. In my current work I face all sorts of challenges everyday    where I have to be ready not just a Business Analyst but as a Product owner, Subject Matter expert as well as a Quality Assurance analyst,          communicating with cross functional team, learning something new about the back-bone of the project. This gives me an opportunity to be an    all rounder at what I do and this applies to any point in life.

  Happiness to me is achieving my goals and helping others to achieve theirs.

  I think at every step of the life there’s always something new to learn, so never stop exploring. There are million things in my bucket list that I    want to learn, experience and to go to. I have a long way to go and I am checking off of my bucket list one by one."

  An avid explorer and traveller, Gauri has been persistently exploring so many new challenges and opportunities, with us. We are proud to call    this keen learner a long term member of our work- family.

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