Gautam Gawshinde

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I always find it difficult to explain who I am or what my interests are. Sometimes I feel like I should go along with my people- given tag of a Nerd. But really, I think the drive is what defines me; I am a learner/explorer and sometime just a total nerd. I am generally very curious about a lot of things; I like to know how things are done. 

For instance: I love to drive and sometimes without purpose. I have driven from New York to California and Miami to Maine. That gave me a sense of freedom and helped me to learn about people, places and most importantly achieve what before beginning felt almost an impossible task, the long- long- drive.

I believe I am a foodie. Being an Indorie [from Indore, food capital of India] has definitely spoilt me and made me seek and appreciate mind-blowing food. 

As a software developer, I have tried to implement the same in my work life and tried to learn new things at every step and more. My work helps me to be who I am, providing me an opportunity to learn more and never reach stagnation.

Gautam, the foodie nerd who enjoys long road trip, has numerous stories of his journey to share; of course over happy hours!! Jokes apart, Consultadd is happy to call this curious explorer a part of our - always learning and always breaking the boundaries- culture.

‘Voices of Consultadd’ is a dedicated arena to freely voice our accomplishments, struggles, opinions; to share our stories.'

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