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My "home" is in the city that never sleeps, and no, I am not talking about New York. I am from Mumbai, India. I had always dreamt of living and working abroad and coming to the US to study. The struggle, studying, balancing work and life, and getting busy already seemed exciting to me. Now that this desire has come true, I have also learnt to appreciate the little things in life. I have seen myself grow from the day I landed in the US till today when I am ready to step into the next level of my life (Marriage!)

I have lived in the states with extreme weather like winter (Wisconsin) and summer (Texas). Living in states with these extreme weathers came with its own share of challenges like driving in snow and being struck by Polar Vortex (-30F) to tires being melted off of the cars the one day that you leave the car outside the garage. I had days where I would feel lonely, but as time elapsed, I understood, and I am thankful that I have gotten a chance to live alone and become the independent woman that I am today. I have made amazing friends and met all kinds of people, gaining experiences such as hiking, dancing, and baking.

I had always thought that I would be happy doing the things I love. I once thought that I would never like anything as much as I loved dancing. But it was when I came to the US that I developed a love for cooking and baking, Indian as well as International cuisines. (I make a mean Oreo Pie, Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji, and chocolate-filled brownies). I am someone who believes you should spend your life doing what you love, and it doesn't always mean about work – but also with what you do with the spare time you have.

So, I joined multiple dance classes to learn new styles during the weekend while I worked with all my dedication on the weekdays. All this has taught me to manage time like a pro, communicate better, stand for what I agree or disagree with and be independent;

Greene works as a Business Analyst for WPS Health Solutions. Working with Greene for such a long time, we are witnesses of her growth and empowerment. With the new phase of her life soon beginning, we wish Greene all the best for her career and all warm wishes for a happy married life ahead!

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