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I am a firm believer in destiny. But breaking-up with my pencil despite being a good sketcher is not destiny. That is what I call “Life Happened”. But life has happened beautifully to me. I don’t believe in trends and crowd following and if I have to stand alone for something I believe in, I wouldn’t fear.

While in India, I had been to almost every state with exception of North East and Andaman. My travel journey in USA is still young. I have been to few exciting places like New York, Washinton, Maryland, Houston and Portland.

While lights of New York and awe-inspiring moments during Nasa visit are few of my fond memories, the most daunting and adventurous trip of mine was the trek to South Himalaya’s highest peak Churdhar, India. It was an 18Km trek to the 12000ft high peak, which took me a day and a half to reach. On that pitch-dark night, in the deepest forest of Shimla, the shivering cold with no one else to call for help, we six friends understood life and its reality. The fire that we made out of moist twigs and leafs was the only hope we had and this is what exactly life is. There is always something to look forward to even though all you can see is darkness around.

I bring these life-lessons to my work. As an AWS developer, my work is exciting and chilling; sometimes I am in awe with the vastness of my work and sometimes it’s like a pitch-dark night when I try to get through a rough patch of problem-solution process. But thankfully, Columbia Sportswear has shown full confidence on my work and I have happily embarked on this adventurous professional journey.

An avid traveller and constant learner, Kamran brings all the qualities of a good leader. Kamran is few of our consultants who are constantly helping with our projects in USA and India. If this doesn’t tell, how organized of a person Kamran is, then we don’t know what will!!

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