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Since childhood I was more interested in playing sports than anything else. You name the sports and I have played it! I have played Subarato cup tournament of football (the leg kind, not the hand kind) and have skated at various states and national levels in India during my school time. While playing those sports I have learned many important aspects of life, such as: don’t give up, success & failures, team building, discipline etc. I have learnt to apply all these “lesson learnts” to my real life. I come from real estate family background and I have seen and learned from my dad that calculated risk will always lead you to success.

So from that learning I decided to “NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS & BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.” I always try to keep pushing myself until I get success. I have received expertise in civil/ management/ analytics and right now I am working as a HRIS analyst at Inspira Health Center Bridgeton, NJ.

Karan is very analytical and when it comes to strategize calculated risks and ROI, you bet you can count on Karan. Being insightful to current gaps and giving optimum solutions come innately to Karan.

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