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Few nights ago we had snowstorm in Boston. As it had just begun to snow, I decided to take a walk. Into the walk it struck to me that: “Let's face it; life here in USA is like trying to walk against a blizzard. 

You have snow coming right in your eyes and you can tumble over but you just hang on until you find a way to move with it instead of against. 

I am Karthik and I hail from Hyderabad, India. Coming to USA was my way of escaping from a comfort bubble and start my journey to become something my mum can be proud of. I choose cooking my own chicken curry, rice and soothing hot cup of tea on almost every nights at the end of day full of hustle. I believe my future wife will be happy.

If you are in Boston, join me for tea or the chicken curry☺

I have moved from southern east to northeastern part of USA in last 7 years & have crossed paths with crazy new friends and have developed new hobbies. I've enjoyed hiking, camping, partying and making so many fond memories. Yet, some might call me an introvert. I am not very complicated, just a simple guy who loves cooking, love my work so I put my heart out in doing it, love the company of my friends with movies and a drink or two. My definition of success would be finding serenity and contentment and I am still in the journey.

Be it to redeploy the aws stacks with updated cloudformation templates, manage Linux Stage Patching, automate aws bastion bypass or make an amazing cup of tea; we know we can depend on Karthik. A mini philosopher in life, Karthik brings hard work and charming personality; we say it’s a whole package combination.

‘Voices of Consultadd’ is a dedicated arena to freely voice our accomplishments, struggles, opinions; to share our stories.’


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