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I have always been an introvert. I had to put on lots of efforts during my college days to build my social interactions. But I wasn’t a shy person. I love cooking and one of my early experiments with entrepreneurship was starting a venture called “SnackBar” during my Mumbai days. We catered midnight snacks and I loved cooking, so long story short, we were a smashing hit and I made some profit. 

But I found real joy while brainstorming about algorithms, quick search and bubble search with a college friend. I believe that was the day, I found my calling. I learned that I enjoy the “logic” behind a problem solving. 

To this day I find immense pleasure in solving a problem, no matter how simple or complex the solution is, the logic behind problem solving fascinates me. Hence, I think I fit right at home with Apple Inc. 

Currently I am working at Apple Inc. as a software developer. At apple I am working on challenging projects related to Natural Language Processing. In the past few years I have been using Python to develop prediction models, signal processing and developing web applications.

There are times when I stress about the work I must do, but I don’t want to do. So at such times I give myself incentive of good food. Like I said, I am a Software Developer who loves cooking or food in general. I am also a really good host. I find peace while cooking and happiness while hosting my friends and family.


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