From Ahmedabad to New Jersey, my life has transformed and helped me grow as a person. Talking about myself, I am an introvert who likes to be on his own. I enjoy exploring places, going on hikes and spending time with my friends on weekends. I am into fitness and sports that includes Soccer and Cricket. 

Since childhood I have been fascinated by Science & Technology. I like to spend my time researching and educating myself in the field. I have completed my master’s in computer science. I enjoyed my college as it gave me opportunities and exposure to grow. When I moved to the United States, it brought a drastic change in my life. The transition was necessary to grow and achieve my goals in life. Sometimes, being far from family is hard and it takes a toll on you. But it is necessary to move out of your comfort zone and work for your dreams.  

My motto in life is to enjoy and make the most out of it. Initially, when I started my journey there were a few things that I had to figure out. But I believe once you start enjoying your life, things fall into place with time. There is a long list that I want to tick off and Skydiving tops the list. Along with that, I want to visit National Parks in the United States. 

Krunal is ambitious and driven in life, no matter what, he keeps working hard for his dreams. Being a Full-Stack Software Engineer at Cisco, he keeps himself updated and relevant in this fast tech world.  

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Published On: December 17th, 2021 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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