The world is growing closer day by day and social networking plays a significant role. Well, I do agree that connecting with the world out there is great, but yet, I prefer laying back at home.

You may call me homesick, although I would term myself as an Introvert. I don’t enjoy going out and socializing, rather my source of entertainment has always been exploring new places and watching movies.

I don’t easily open to anyone and keep myself confined in my small world. I enjoy my comfort zone but also understand that it may be a hindrance to my progress. To change this scenario, I wanted to explore more by moving around the world and the first name that popped up was “US”.

The journey from my bedroom to the US had loads of stories and experiences packed in it. A simple guy, who hardly cooked by himself, brought up in a typical middle-class family with limited sources of income, it was not an easy decision to study from the US.

These couple of years in the US taught me a lot. For me, challenges started right from the simple fact of ‘no help whatsoever for your daily chores’. Turning back, I am happy for those helpless moments as it carved me into an independent guy, but back then, it was a tiring job for me.

What I learned from my journey is, one needs to be focused and continue the hard work, you will surely make it up to your destination. Even if you lose track, have faith and Will, and you shall reach the mark.

To sum it up, move out of your comfort zone, stay focused, have patience and never lose hope. Don’t worry too much, it’s not always about winning, the real fun and learnings lie in the journey.

Lakshay completely lives up to his name. Set your aim (lakshay) and keep on going until you make it, is his life mantra. He has developed his personality from introvert to social guy, he understands the patience and craft of the journey, hence is a well-performing Full-stack Developer. Working for Fidelity Investment, Lakshay is destined to reach top-notch success.

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Published On: April 9th, 2021 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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