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Schooling is the best memory a person can hold and I have the most wonderful days spent in school at Kota. I was a proud backbencher and instead of scoring the numbers, I was rather interested in practical knowledge. Understanding the history and concepts attracted me more than just memorizing dates. My education and career story had quite interesting turns. Bachelors in Bio, Masters in Marketing, worked as a Salesman, Trainer, Developer, and as of now working as a Recruiter. Time questioned me, I doubted my own decisions, but I never hesitated to learn new things. I just lead the path without taking a break and learned from my struggle that one should never give up. Photography is an art of capturing the moments and preserving them as memories for a lifetime. I tried clicking and found that photography excites me. Photographer inside me is still in the inception phase. The more I dive into this amazing world, the more is my interest rising. As of now, I am mesmerized by product photography and Portrait photography. Mastering this particular type, I will try my hands in aerial photography. To take more and more snaps, I also explored newer locations. You may check out my Insta \’mychitrgraphy\’ for some of my work in this area.I am a big-time foodie. Trying different cuisines and different restaurants are me every weekend plan.I am quite fond of Gadgets and closed ones call me a Gadget freak. I don\’t really blame them because whenever I look at a new gadget I get an urge from inside that I need this fantastic human creation in my collection and because of that urge, I am holding a lot of gadgets.

Sailing in the sea of knowledge, Naresh ported on different decks like biology, Marketing, sales, software development, and now harbored on the shores of recruitment. With the treasure of experience and knowledge from multiple domains, Naresh handles the responsibility of Talent Acquisition Manager at Consult Add with the ease. In today\’s day and the world, one\’s educational degree is just a piece of paper to mention qualifications. What really holds importance is practical knowledge and readiness to blend and adapt to newer technology and responsibilities. Naresh has accepted every challenge in the path and conquered success in each field too.‘Voices of Consultadd’ is a dedicated arena to freely voice our accomplishments, struggles, opinions; to share our stories.’

Published On: October 9th, 2020 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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