I am originally from Dhanbad, a city in Jharkhand. I now live in Nagpur and love it because this city strikes me as the perfect blend of crowdedness and modernity. I love my childhood because it was a crazy, fun-filled ride with my sibling. We fought together, played together, and traveled together. Talking about my education, I have changed schools three times in different states and went to college at Nagpur University. After completing my graduation, I decided to go for an aviation course and later attended Pune University for my MBA program. Over the years, I have gained certainty of what I want in life and figured where I belong. It gives me a sense of pride to be one of the key contributors towards my organization’s success.

I am inspired when I meet new people. I get motivation from every person I meet like Bharat, Siddharth, and my own team because all have very different ideas and perspectives than me. A textbook or blog article can inspire me, too. My favorite examples are John Doerr’s book, ‘Measure What Matters’ and Netflix’s No Rules Rules. I have an insatiable love of learning, and I spend a couple of hours every day reading articles and books. I am also a person who enjoys activities that give me an adrenaline rush like bungee jumping, paragliding, water rippling and cliff jumping. I would love to travel to Switzerland and explore its scenic beauty.

I believe in the power of working hard and learning from each experience. There are certain things that I believe in and followed to reach where I am now—

– Respect everyone you meet in your life

– Gain as much Knowledge as you can from place you visit, person you meet

– Keep learning, this will add value to your career growth

– Keep experimenting and learn with every failure

– Take Motivation from everything around you

Neha is an expert in her field and always gives us the best of her knowledge. Being a HR Manager at Consultadd, she is very good at her job and has been doing it for quite some time now. Neha is always there to help us whenever we need any help or support.

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