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After winning Gold Medal for securing 1st place in state level running competition, I broke up with sports. Before that I was a sports fanatic. I have played hockey and have been selected for Indian national hockey camp training. I also have played
karate for state level. And I loved watching or participating in any kind of sports.

I am the eldest of the two siblings that we are. So I always wanted to become a breadwinner for my family, by choice. I broke up with sports so that I can pick up my studies passionately. The day I spent an hour and half interviewing for Comcast Golang Developer role in their Philadelphia office, I knew that all of that sacrifice and hard work was worth it. As a child, I always dreamt of becoming a researcher and naturally I could not let the job in Comcast to work with Alexa team slip off of my hand. I still remember the day I interviewed, I had never been so nervous. Not during any other jobs or interviews and not even during any of the sports qualifier rounds that I ever played, even as a child.

Working with Comcast as a Golang Developer I am developing Alexa Skills using cutting edge programming languages and amazon web services. I really love working on this project because this job challenges me to think out of the box and learn new things everyday. I am challenged everyday to brainstorm new and complex logics and work with large volume of data, pattern research and AI/ML.

I am not a morning person, I hate waking up in the morning; but with this job I love waking up to go to my work. In short I find immense pleasure in logical, simple and complex Alexa skill development/problem solving work in programming field.

If we asked, “Alexa, who is the most hard working person that you know?”, we won't be surprised if Alexa answers “Ofcourse, Nidhi Patel” !! But Nidhi is not just all work; she is super fun to hang out too. She loves watching all kinds of sports and travelling in her free time. She secretly told us how happy it made her when she visited Colorado snow peaks. We almost doubted the only thing that makes her happy is her work.

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