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As an immigrant, I came to USA with a mindset to contribute through my work and skill set; and with a will to inspire others in my journey. I have always been an introvert. But I had lots of hobbies from dancing, travelling to cooking as well as eating food. I am trained in Classical Dance Kathak for 7 years and have won many trophies for my dance. I love traveling and exploring new places. So far places that I have travelled are Oman, Mexico and various cities and states in USA. My most favorite place is California.

I am a huge fan of animated movies. It was a dream come true when I visited Disneyworld, FL. My favorite Disney characters are Mickey & Minnie. But my favorite animated movie is the pixar movie “UP”.

The child in me has been restless now that I have self-quarantined for 6 weeks. The first week of WFH was such a reward but now I am as eager as anyone to go out and visit places and meet people. The first place I want to go post quarantine is the Beach. Can’t wait!!

Hailing from Gujarat, India, Palak feels like she has a lot to achieve yet and that she is in the right path, except for this quarantine, which has locked her up but not her spirits. She is currently working with Capital one as Data Engineer, where she is working in a very interesting as well as challenging project related to cyber security.

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