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I hail from Vijaywada of Andhra Pradesh and consider myself very lucky to be born in an open-minded family. My parents always trusted me with my decisions and gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams. After my schooling in Gannavaram, I graduated from Satyabhama institute of science and technology, Chennai.

From college placements itself, I bagged a job at Infosys and continued for 4 yrs. Along with academics, I have been experimenting with everything that came across my path. That way, I made it to the national table tennis team, played for my district basketball team, won medals for rifle shooting in the South India zone during my NCC camps, won lots of medals for other track and field events, literary events like elections and debates.

Post my pregnancy, I moved to the USA and now have a very loving husband and a beautiful daughter who I am proud of. I take all the efforts to be a great mom and to set a perfect example of a woman who can achieve anything with commitment and determination.

I am also an environmentalist and believe in sustainable development. I utilize every opportunity to do my bit to save the environment and educate/ motivate others on the same.

Pramoda is a person with many interests and has excelled in almost everything she takes up. She is the best example of what modern and liberating parenting can lead up to. Working at Genworth as a QA Analyst in states, she is mother to a girl child, whom she wants and will turn into a strong, independent lady. She calls herself a couch potato but also enjoys Table Tennis and outdoor games.‘Voices of Consultadd’ is a dedicated arena to freely voice our accomplishments, struggles, opinions; to share our stories.’

Published On: July 24th, 2020 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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