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"Problem solver and out of the box thinker" is what my friends will say when asked about me.

I personally feel I am fortunate enough to have the support of my endearing family and helping friends which have resulted in the person I am today. Right from my childhood, I have been very curious about how things work. It started with inspecting toys and this inquisitiveness has led me to  software development.

Working as a software engineer I have been involved in solving problems in my day to day life and it has become a part of me now. As a senior software engineer with ConsultAdd, I am currently doing everything that I have ever dreamt of. what more can you ask for, if your work is helping to ameliorate people's life?

My journey so far in the US has been a roller coaster ride and ConsultAdd has been all along with me to provide the necessary resources I need to develop myself.

As a person, I am easy going and fun-loving who likes to spend his evenings after work with friends playing FIFA and spending weekends playing cricket, or table tennis, or snooker and the list goes on. I am not only a tech-savvy but also a big soccer fan and whoever knows me wouldn't dare to speak ill of Lionel Messi in my presence.

In a nutshell, life has been a challenge and I know it will be in the future as well, but I intend to stay unwavering in my path to seek happiness.

Prasad is a techno-nut who enjoys every aspect of life with equal enthusiasm. From cricket to software career to Messi, he is passionate about all the elements in his path. Playing the role of senior java developer at homesite insurance, Prasad cherishes his profile and feels content about it, all set to accept more challenges and turning the opportunities into happiness.

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