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I'm really in a very happy place where I am but I don't wish to get too comfortable as the saying goes, "Ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it's built for".

I want to challenge myself and select a journey across the sea and through the wind. New experiences and hardships will help me built a strong personality and get more successful in life.

Few things about me are, I like to live my life in a well-organized manner and my day starts with exercising my routine workout which helps me calm my mind and start my day fresh.

Being a sports fanatic, football is my first love, and then it was the martial arts that I really got involved with. Practicing the perfect forms for hours feeling that adrenaline rush before each sparring session and the professional fight is such a joy.

The ideology I believe in is there is something to learn from everyone you meet, so I idolize that quality of that person and try to adapt it which leads to my betterment as a person. Speaking of Idol's it is my Family who I love the most in the world and being the youngest over-pampered child, it is my Father, Mother, and Elder Siblings I really idolize.

I'm not just a pet owner and a regular cynophile but I am one hell of an animal lover and also an active member of Voice for Voiceless Foundation
Although he spars and learns to fight; one can say Prince rules hearts by his sheer charms. While working as a Talent acquisition manager Prince is disciplined and serves his clients the best; and everywhere else you can see him reigning all extra curriculum - be it board games or yoga. He is an energetic and high-functioning person who we barely can catch up to. And we know for sure he will be "going to places".

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