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“Action speaks louder than words”
This is my all-time favorite quote that I always believe in. I am Priyanjali Dilary and I am from Hyderabad The City of Pearls.

My childhood was peppy and joyful. I was always a hard-working student and used to participate in many curricular activities in school. Being part of NCC(National Cadet Corps) as a student, I have learned to be disciplined, patient, and showed interest in social activities.

After gaining some work experience at MNC’s, I realized that I need more than being an associate or an analyst. Finally, I came to the USA to pursue masters which was my dream. I wanted to work closely with the business teams to strategize goals.

“Action speaks louder than words”...I believe in it and I won’t let myself be demotivated by other people’s negative views and opinions.

In my leisure time, I read books and love to cook. Cooking is the best thing that I enjoy doing now. It is fun and I like compliments 😉. I am quite a fan of traveling. I have a huge list of places that I would like to travel to. Scotland is topmost on the list. I fell in love with this place after watching a movie named “Made of Honor”.

On the social front, I would definitely like to bring awareness to people about the environment and animal cruelty.

Daring to dream big is half battle won and Priyanjali has won the battle with an overwhelmingly successful career.
Dreaming to travel all the world someday, she is also on a journey to be a pro in cooking. A girl of fewer words that she is, she communicates through her work and performance. This very dedication makes her a perfect fit for the Business Analyst position at Con Edison.

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