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Life has a strange way of changing courses & yet presenting to you the best opportunity. It's up to us how we forge our fate & fortune out of it.

While growing up in India, my mind was set to be a dentist. And while I did become a dentist, my career took a sudden turn when I and my husband decided to forge a life for us here in the USA. Back then it felt uncertain and almost a failure, but through my husband’s endless encouragement, I practiced a bit of dentistry, then completed my MBA and then trained myself for a shining career in I.T. Not a lot of people get to pick, choose and try so many things. I am thankful that I have a life partner who always pushed me and helped me to define me and my career. So here I am now, have worked with various clients & projects, and now working as a HCM Consultant at Cedars Sinai.

I enjoy hiking & camping, a hobby that me and my husband share and immensely enjoy. We have explored California, Florida, Miami, Seattle, Oregon, New York, North Carolina, Cancun, and Tulum. And once we go back to the world as we knew, I definitely want to take a Europe Trip & a cruise in Antarctica.

My journey from Delhi to San Antonio was not an easy one. Coming from a non-tech background, entering the tech world was tough. But now I confidently handle all my client's requirements & easily manage production & all production-related issue. That’s a feat.

Priyanka calls herself an introvert, but she is not one to be shy to share her views. She is extremely cheerful and a fighter tigress who entered the tech world and aced the duties. Working in Cedars Sinai, she is full of dreams and credits her husband for all the support and guidance in the journey.

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