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Could there be anyone who loves movies of any genre, any region and would watch movies voraciously but would hate to go to the theater? Well, that’s me!! Why? Because I can’t finish any movie in a single stretch and that’s why I try to avoid theatre.

I believe if you are a sport person then “Do or Die” is the proverb that is very relatable and this helped me a lot to achieve my goals. Fortunately, I never gave up in any condition and now I am here in The United States of America. The only downside of living is USA is I don’t get to play Cricket as often.

Cricket is my LIFE!! I can play cricket anywhere, anytime. But I could only go so far as to represent my College team at national level. 

I firmly believe in “Action speaks louder than words”. I don’t like to follow the crowd, but want to be the one that the crowd follows. So, I am still contemplating, what are the ODDS that I can go back to India and become CRICKET GOD 😉

While whatever my dreams be, I am working in Ohio State University as AWS-Web Developer. At OSU, I am meeting new people constantly from different background and culture, and I love every second of it.

We can confidently tell you that Rahul loves cricket more than his significant other, no doubt there. But he brings passion to every technology, every client and every project that he has ever laid his hands on. And as this VOC goes live, we promise to check on Rahul and make sure he didn’t have to die on hands of his SO 😁

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