Rajeev Ranjan – Consultadd Inc

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I am Project Manager and Relations Manger for Consultadd Inc. I wanted to start by telling you what I do, esp. right now, given how the Corona Virus has impacted our work, life in general and economy. I am responsible to solve issues of my consultants. Job doesn’t end on solving work related issues, sometimes I play role of a mentor, a listener and of an adviser. It truly motivates me the most when I am able to solve any problem of my consultants, and ensure their success in their career.

Choosing one path when it comes to building career, it might seem as an easy task. But to choose a right path, which elevates your career to the height where you always dreamt to be is what matters. I was a person who was deteriorating my aptitude in a place where there was no growth. When an opportunity presented itself, to mentor and help consultants, I as a consultant myself, felt that I had found my calling. Now, I am satisfied with what I am undertaking as a Project manager and a Relations manager. As an ex- Consultadd consultant, I know my frustrations as consultant and I try my best to ensure our existing and new consultants don’t go through it.

Other than my work, I am a sports car fanatic. My reverie is to own cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi or Porsche. Coming to the reality, in the present-day, sadly but truly I love my sweet little ride, Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited edition. I am in love with my Subaru and am a super fan of its performance.

Also, being a family person, I love relishing time with my son and a wife. I try my best to keep them smiling and happy. No matter how hard and bad situation I deal with at work, when I reach home, I give my all to my son and wife. I value my Family on highest pedigree. But, here comes a sneaky part 😈 As soon as I get a free time, which are rare, I indulge in activities such as playing X-box, Karaoke, play soccer with my son and a very secret talent of mine is also a cooking.