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Living in my own fairy world, I had always been a happy kid since childhood. As a child, and up till now, and I am full of dreams. After completion of primary studies from my hometown, I left my place for higher studies. My mother dreamed of raising me as an independent woman, and then eventually it becomes my dream and admiration too. 'Becoming a successful independent woman' was something that I was chasing and later achieved too.

Every journey has its own ups and downs and my story is not an exception. Coming from a very small town, I have seen many roadblocks in the way but my vision was always crystal clear. Someone has rightly said 'If there is a will there is a way'. I always knew that my story will have happy outcomes and hence I took every hurdle as a challenge and achieved everything that I have got today.

I come from a place where people often say and believe that there is no need to educate and give facilities to a girl child. Fortunately, my parents took a stand and helped me in every possible way to mold me into the person that I am today.

Never should a person forget his/her roots and that is what keeps a person real and modest. My life motto is quite simple, I just want to be happy and make my parents proud. My parents have gifted me one beautiful life and I don't want to die with any regret.

The glimpses of dreams that I see in my mother's eye always keeps me motivated for hard work. My father has imbibed in my mind and I totally believe that there's no shortcut to success. Every night before I go to bed I take a moment and think whether I have done at least one thing that made me feel satisfied. I want to be recognized for my good deeds and that is long term plan to which I contribute every single day.

My dream vacation destination is Amsterdam, Netherlands. Apart from this, I want to settle in the lap of hills and mountains after my retirement.

I have seen many girls facing difficulties in getting even their basic human rights. It's the 21st century already, and these girls have no idea where they stand. I want to make some difference and help out at least a handful of these girls to get a basic education. I have some better and concrete plans too that I'll definitely hit in the upcoming years.

She overcame the hurdles of society and now strives to give a helping hand to others going through the same set of difficulties. Rashika is a perfect Independent woman of today, handling the responsibilities of Software Engineer in ConsultAdd Inc with the same passion as she checks herself every day for at least one God deed.
We would love to visit her in the laps of mountains after her retirement and work with her as per her plans to aid girls in education. Let us hit it together girl!!!

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