I am a great fan of traveling and have its seeds in my childhood. I was brought up in Dubai and had my bachelor’s degree in Electronics and communication from India. I am going to keep the cycle on and dream to roam all around the world one fine day.

I try to make every passing day ‘a learning day’. Acquiring a skill, learning a new computer language, updating my technology knowledge, anything that makes my day worthy.

‘Do what you love’ is something that everybody should follow, but one must also ‘love what you do’, strike a balance, and there you go. One should attempt every task with sincere efforts and leave the results to fate.

Time management + hard work + pinch of good luck is the key to any success.

I don’t really idolize any person. I do admire their journey and efforts, but I believe in values rather than personality.

Richa believes that droplets add up to become a huge resource and hence advocates a continuous learning process. Being a full-stack developer, she certainly keeps her tech knowledge updated and Leidos has its expert always on toes. We wish Richa takes a great world tour soon and have loads of memories to cherish.

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Published On: March 19th, 2021 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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