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I have always been an enthusiast with an optimistic insight. I am also an outgoing, social butterfly, who loves to interact and explore.

I come from a small town Sidhi (M.P). Most people misunderstand it to be Shirdi, the pious city in Maharastra. Coming from a small town and transitioning to a big city has been a challenge at the start of my career. But as the saying goes “behind every successful person there is always someone”, for me it has been my parents. They have always supported me in taking my life decisions and always gave me the freedom to achieve my goals and making the choices of my life. It sounds simple but it’s a big leap of faith for simple people from a small town.

I have always been up for challenges and find myself capable of handling them with a positive judgment and self-belief. I always prefer prioritizing my goals and working towards fulfilling them with a vision.

Being true to what you do is really important for any small-big achievement in life. Being a part of ConsultAdd from the last 6 years has changed me as a person. Every year I have grown as a person. "Changes are constant" is the most important thing I have ever learned since becoming part of this organization. Adapting and accepting new things in my life is what I have learnt while working with the team.

I am a firm believer in the power of attraction, whatever you want you can have it. In multiple instances, I felt it very deeply that whatever I had imagined, I could live for real. Skydiving was one of my dreams which got fulfilled in my first US trip. It still gives me goosebumps when I watch those pictures and videos of mine. This is my true self who has become stronger, by leaving the fears behind and moving on.

Also, I am a wanderlust who finds traveling really fascinating. I have solo traveled to places garnering many cherished memories and I wish to keep exploring in future as well.

My experiences have lately been encouraging me to be a motivational speaker and counselor to help and reach out to the ones who are hesitant to share their feelings. I am also a blog writer and my blog named 'euphoria' means a state of excitement and happiness, which itself defines the vision for my writings.

Life for me is all about learning, growing, and coming out of each circumstance better and bolder.

Richa, a Talent Acquisition Lead in Consultadd, has outstandingly incorporated the Human aspect in Human Resource Planning. Her recruits are lucky to have someone who not only works for them but guides them and supports them through her empathy and passion for philanthropy. If you are looking for a mentor to help you with your career, you can connect with Richa at or if you want to visit her blog, here’s the link-

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