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Arrogant, Mean & Self Centered is usually people's first impression about me, which as they get to know me, transforms into Thoughtful, Ambitious & Goal-oriented.

I hail from the heaven of earth Jammu (J&K). Although I aced in my school grades and engineering too, I was never a fan of it. What really excited me was the fashion industry. My interest in STYLING & INFLUENCING got recently paid off when I was approved as an "AMAZON INFLUENCER "

I believe and follow the mantra of hard work. Apart from the technicality of the job, your passion for work and dedication matters too. Even if you ask me to paint a wall, I will pour my heart into the task and try to give the wall an attractive look. Although I don't know anything about painting, I would learn and complete the assignment.

My ultimate goal is to pioneer DEFENCE ACADEMIES for girls in almost every part of the country so that RAPE CULTURE CAN STOP. I don't have a blueprint of my plan right now, but I will surely work in that direction. Every field demands hard work and so does the fashion industry. So brush off the thought that only techno-savvy people work hard, every profession under the sky is raised on the basic structure of hard work.

Rimpy is a kind and compassionate talent acquisition personnel who really likes to understand people's struggles and help them to achieve growth in their career. She is a cheerful, young girl who has a strong belief in hard work. She is a brilliant grasper and works passionately as a talent acquisition manager to fulfill the candidate's dream.

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