Time changes, technology changes and so does the way of life. Gone are the days when one needed to be master of one and not the jack of many.
To attain success, today, one needs to be a master of many skills, a master of every field that encounters you, master of every idea that attracts you.

Begusurai, a city in Bihar, is where I was born, it is a place where my parents have fought all the adversities of life to educate me and my siblings. They have strived every passing day to give us a quality life and dared to send us across the state for better education. Life gives you opportunities and I grabbed them to complete my Engineering in IT.

Along with technology, what really kept me driving was the Fashion world. Glamour is off course the appealing outcome, but the immense thought process and execution that runs this world is electrifying. Taking a dive into this deep ocean, I started an Insta handle fashion_stream. My passion beared fruits and with 14k followers, I collaborated with top brands like Daniel Wellington, Tomtailor, crocs, samshek Unicorn, Bioderma, to name a few.

As the fashion world demands marketing, my mind started taking interest in digital marketing too. I took it as a next challenge and came out as a professional digital marketer. Not only that helped me personally, but I also landed a job in ConsultADD.

I believe one should give the best shot, even if the field is unknown to you. Live the life like a king and you will one day establish that you are the king.

Cooking is an art and I can proudly say, I am an artist. Travelling and cooking are my stress busters and I want to reach the remotest place in the world to see its beauty and taste different cuisines and later reciprocate them. World tour tops my bucket list.

As opposed to the stereotype chatterbox image of girls, Ritika is a girl of few words. Rather than chirping, she prefers to observe, analyze, and master. Handling the Digital Marketing team, she surely is doing a great job of keeping ConsultADD way ahead in its digital presence.

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Published On: April 2nd, 2021 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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