I strongly believe that “Everything is predestined”. Whatever happens, has a reason and whatever is destined to occur, will occur come whatever may.

Everyone’s childhood is loaded with cherishable memories, and so is mine. As a kid, I remember me titled as ‘the most mischievous child’, which again, every child is entitled to. But with the advancement of time and after gaining some maturity, now the table has turned and I am embraced for being the most sincere one. I like how things have changed or maybe I have made efforts in bringing out the change.

I am blessed with the most lovable family. I have been treated like a princess by my family. I had everything for myself, served in silver plate, even before I felt the necessity of it. I barely struggled or eagerly waited for anything. And then Bam! I grew up and reality was right in front of me to show a totally opposite picture of the world.

Reality and responsibilities gave me hard time. For me, not only were these alien concepts, but I had to live with them as I understand them. Proving yourself at every point of time was the need and nothing came easy. These years taught me to deal with failures and come back strong. Well, I made a complete Rachel out of me!

But this transformation took its own tolls. The chirpy, extrovert child like me took the path of being an introvert. To discover me, I kind of cut off some ways of my expression. Well, that came in handy to me to deal with Pandemic though.

Grabbing the opportunity, let me wish my mother a Happy Women’s Day to my idol, my motivation, my mother. She is my strength, she empowers me to withstand this world and grow into a better version of myself. Whatever success I have experienced to date, the credit goes to her teachings and discipline.

Sky diving, roller coaster ride excites me. Given a chance, I would love to tour Greece. It may sound horrifying, but my bucket list has enlisted a visit to some spooky place!!!

As her name screams out, Roopal had a beautiful childhood and so is her current journey. She believes in destiny and helps a number of candidates to reach their destined jobs. With her positivity, spooky places are in danger of being extinct. Wishing Roopal, her mother, and all beautiful women out there, A HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY. Keep empowering yourself and the world.

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Published On: March 5th, 2021 / Categories: Voices of Consultadd /

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