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'Everything that you deserve comes to you at the right time, be patient, and work hard' - I believe in this theory and that drives me to patiently work towards my goal.

Born in a small village called Valsad, Gujarat, I completed my schooling as an average student and moved to Jalgaon for my engineering. I was a backbencher😜 and learned a lot of my life-lessons on those memorable desks. The US was always on my bucket list, hence I moved to Baroda and started working for IELTS.

I am an Indian immigrant here in The United States as a student. It's been More than five years now. My journey so far as an International student and immigrant have been challenging yet amazing.

Although not a travel freak, but I enjoy traveling. California, Nevada, Arizona are some of the places I visited, but to the date, San Francisco tops my favorites. Flying to the US, San Francisco was my first step on foreign land and it holds a special bond. I enjoy cooking too and have experimented a lot in kitchen labs.

College days in the states was fun, with lots of friends and our tradition of watching a movie every week. We went forward and grabbed the movie passes too. Inception is a long time favorite, while Money Heist on OTT is a new addition to the list. I have been to many places and read about many great leaders. My father is someone I get inspired by. He started with nothing in hand and today has achieved enough to let his kids study in the states.

I really miss my friends back from India. Loads of memories with these souls and I look forward to having many in the future. I got married in Jan 2020 and I feel lucky to have such a supportive person as a partner.

If you ever interact with Sagar, you will feel an immediate sense of calm and trust. No doubt, that is why most of the clients who work with Sagar like to hire him back. He is too humble in his story and doesn't share all of the challenges of his journey from a village of India to the land of opportunities and dreams, USA. However, wherever Sagar goes, he captures the most opportunities around him. Living in Chicago and working as a software developer for SEC, has been a dream come true for Sagar.

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