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An introvert in the first meeting, ambivert in the next, and your friend in the third meeting. This is how I generally turn up to be around people, this is how I have always been. I have been a very curious kid since childhood and hence have had an awesome time growing up in Noida, India.

I’m not your typical Delhi guy, but somewhere close to it! Not a prodigy in the education department but a happy go lucky person who has been able to complete his Bachelors in Electronics and Communication engineering with flying colors. Although my interest always lay in Entrepreneurship and Startups as money has never been a driving force but helping others has definitely been.

Working as a “Talent Acquisition Manager” at Consultadd helps me in fulfilling my dream of finding people their worthy careers. The sense of satisfaction I feel, every time I place a person at his desired profile is unparalleled and something that pushes me to do better every next day.
I cherish that I have maintained long term relations with my consultants. I especially remember and feel good that my first consultant, Shashank, who was trained and placed by Consultadd is still with us.

But my life isn’t All Work and No Play! I’m a hardcore fan of English movies and a serial binge-watcher. Adventure sports, risking life, excite me. My dream destination would be America, as it is a country of free people coming from different parts of the world. I am a huge marvel fan and absolutely adore superheroes. Hollywood creations like The Hobbit, The Lord of Rings, and Harry potter deserve a special shout out from me.

Whatever I do in this life runs along with the idea that one must ALWAYS believe in the inner child as that helps create new ideas. Hence I’ve always worked voluntarily as a Social Worker to help educate kids from lower-middle-class strata on dreaming big and working hard. Something that I have always followed!

A gentle soul, Shaban shows extreme empathy to everyone around him and his good aura always seeks challenges where he can make a difference. He has been making a difference, and a good one, in the lives of all consultant's that he works with. We have seen Shaban take care of his consultants like the leader of a pack. And if you want someone to be on your side and mentor you throughout your career journey, we can think of none better suited than Shaban.

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