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“Make your will greater than your skill.” – Muhammad Ali & also my Dad ❤️

Since childhood I have liked to challenge myself. Even though I come from a small town in India, my late father always encouraged me and believed in me. His support led me to do crazy things such as: despite 3rd degree burn from my knee to toe in my leg, as the basketball captain of my school team, I played the championship tournament, won the Championship and got selected for district level basketball tournament. That day I realize that your “will” is key to unlock your success. You will not push yourself until you have will to leave behind your pain and move forward

I have been a keen learner, and I choose to learn from my life experiences. My father, who IS my superhero taught me that life is going to be difficult all the time, but it's’ you who should be willing to live it your way. So I CHOOSE to live my life to its fullest, and love myself unconditionally. And I will always have my father in my heart, even though he is not in this world anymore. And I continue to live as per his teachings.


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